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Our 100% natural beeswax from France is an excellent consistency agent that nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin. Due to its high compatibility, it is very easy to use in all types of formulations. In emulsions, wax facilitates the formation of stable emulsions. It creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin which helps hydrate and restore the suppleness of the skin.

Applications: It can be used in makeup like lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, care like lip balms, creams, hair masks and soaps. It can also be used for candles!

Cosmetic properties: Nourishing, moisturizing, softening, consistency agent, film-forming and stabilizes emulsions.

Production of beeswax:
Beeswax is an exudation from the abdominal glands of the bee. The color of raw beeswax varies from pale yellow to brownish due to the presence of pollen and honey. The raw wax is then treated by a non-chemical bleaching process to obtain a clear white color and to obtain white beeswax.
- Fondue under steam heating
- Purified with filter press (specific)
- Discolored to bleaching earth - activated carbon
- Re-purified with filter press (specific).

Quality: 100% of natural origin

INCI designation: Cera Alba

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Pastilles
White color
Melting point (temperature where it becomes liquid): 60-67 ° C
- Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow, avoid contact with the eyes.
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Chocolate fan? You will fall for our cocoa butter with its wonderful properties.
Cocoa butter is an excellent emollient with moisturizing properties that help keep skin soft and hair supple. When applied topically, it creates a barrier between the skin and the environment by reducing water loss from the skin. It will also nourish the skin, help repair and regenerate dry skin, and relieve itching. It also improves the spreading and penetration of the finished product into the epidermis!
It is in solid pellet form, at room temperature. It is therefore very easy to handle.

Applications: It is used in skin care like hand creams, body care like massage creams, lotions, hair care products with masks, in lipsticks, lip balms, lips and soaps. .

Cosmetic properties: It is emollient, hydrating, hydrating, nourishing, soothing, repairing and protective.

Production of cocoa butter:
- Plot of certified organic shea trees
- Harvesting cocoa beans
- Cocoa beans are cleaned to remove any intangible matter
- Physical pressing of cocoa beans.
- Filtration of raw cocoa butter to obtain organic cocoa butter

Quality: 100% of organic origin

INCI designation: Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Solid pellet
Color: Pale yellow to yellow
Odor: Characteristic
Melting point (temperature where it becomes liquid): 25-36 ° C
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Calcium carbonate is an ingredient used for its mild abrasive action which removes impurities, dirt on the skin, helps clean teeth and improves shine. It also helps to regulate and stabilize the pH of cosmetic products. It is also opacifying, in particular as a white support in make-up products.

Applications: It can be used in toothpaste recipes, in makeup products as an opacifying and white carrier ingredient.

Cosmetic properties: Mild abrasive, opacifying agent, pH regulator, oral hygiene agent.

Quality: Of mineral origin

INCI designation: Calcium Carbonate

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Powder
Color: White or substantially white

- Keep out of reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale
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This orange-red pigment will allow you to color your lipsticks.
It is a mineral pigment, iron oxide, of cosmetic quality.

INCI: CI 77491
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The radiant red of carmine will give beautiful colors to your lipsticks!
This natural pigment is of animal origin (not suitable for vegans).

INCI: CI 75470
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This sweet almond oil rich in oleic acid (65 to 85%) and vitamin E, stable to oxidation, has a soft touch and emollience compatible with all care and massage products. It penetrates quickly into the skin and brings comfort and hydration to sensitive or dull skin.

Applications: Very popular for the care of sensitive and dehydrated skin and for all skin types.

Cosmetic properties: This oil is * emollient, moisturizing and anti-oxidant. (can be used alone)

* Emollient: Substance which has the particularity of relaxing, softening and calming inflammation of the skin. Emollient creams are recommended for nourishing and caring for dry or atopic skin.

Oil production: In a worm screw press, the healthy and cleaned seeds are pressed in cold first pressing, without the intervention of solvents or chemicals. Then the oil is filtered through blotting paper. The oil is then stored away from light, air and heat. It does not contain any additives.

Quality: 100% organic oil without perfume or synthetic coloring.

The 30mL bottles are from the BeautyMix brand with a bamboo stopper. The 50mL bottles are from the Emma Noël brand equipped with a pump. All the bottles are reusable glass for your preparations.

INCI designation: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: limpid oily liquid (the oil may crystallize, become cloudy below 10 ° C this does not affect its quality, it is due to its natural fatty acid composition.)
Yellow color
Odor: Characteristic of sweet almond oil
Density at 20 ° C: 0.911 - 0.917

Store away from light and heat.
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