Recept : Shower gel

A very easy shower gel recipe, with a foaming and gentle result for the skin.

Ingredient list
Recipient: Small tank (250mL)
Choose the desired quantity : mL
64 g
30 g
1.5 g
0.9 g
3 g

Containers to use:
2 x Flacon (100 mL)
or 1 x Flacon alu (250 mL)
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90 days

8,77 €
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Benefits: this shower gel gently cleanses the body and eliminates impurities and dirt without drying out your skin.
For: all skin types.
Texture: slightly viscous.
Odor: the choice is yours according to the hydrosol you prefer!

Focus on the ingredients of the recipe:

Water: It the solvent of the recipe. It dissolves the other ingredients.
Flower hydrosol: the hydrosol you are going to use will scent your product. Depending on the hydrosol chosen, the virtues are different.
BeautyMix foaming concentrate: this surfactant will allow you to gently wash your skin with a creamy foam texture.
Preservative: it effectively preserves the preparation to avoid any proliferation of microorganisms.
Sweet almond oil: it will nourish, regenerate, soften and soften your skin.
Lactic acid: it reduces the pH of the recipe. It has a very good affinity with the skin and will promote its hydration.

pH of the finished product: between 4.5 and 5.5


Daily use. Take one or two doses in the palm of your hand and lather on damp skin. Rinse after use. Precautions for use: in case of contact with the eyes, rinse with clear water.

Précautions avant de démarrer
Avant de démarrer, il convient de nettoyer et désinfecter le plan de travail et les ustensiles : les produits préparés iront sur votre peau, et on veut éviter toute contamination microbienne !

Nettoyer soigneusement le BeautyMix. Ensuite, imbiber un chiffon propre d'alcool à 70° (disponible en supermarché) et l'utiliser pour désinfecter la cuve du BeautyMix et tous les ustensiles. Laisser sécher.

Nettoyer le plan de travail et écarter les objets qui pourraient gêner.

Poser un sopalin propre sur le plan de travail et y déposer les ustensiles. Vous aurez besoin d'une cuillère à café propre ou spatule, et d'un contenant propre et sec pour verser la préparation une fois prête. Se laver les mains soigneusement.

Bien respecter les dosages indiqués pour les ingrédients de la recette.
Respecter les dates limites d'utilisation des ingrédients BeautyMix. 
Besoin de plus d'informations ? Consulter la page "Débuter".
Thoroughly disinfect the worktop and the BeautyMix with 70 ° alcohol and a clean paper.
Place the flat mixer in the BeautyMix tank. Place the tank on the scale and carry out the tare (zero) by pressing the T key.
Weigh the required amount of water.
64 g
Tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Weigh the chosen hydrosol.
30 g
Carry out the tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Weigh the BeautyMix foaming concentrate. Beware, all the foaming agents are different, this recipe is only suitable for BeautyMix ingredients.
50 g
Carry out the tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Weigh the conservator.
0.9 g
Place the tank on the BeautyMix, and press the button 3 times to start the red program.
Take the tank, put its lid on the scale and put the tank on top (the scale being sensitive to heat, this allows not to distort the weighing). Add vegetable oil.
3 g
Carry out the tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Add lactic acid (drop by drop, each drop represents approximately 0.05 g).
1.5 g
Place the tank on the BeautyMix, and press the button twice to launch the blue program. Tip: to avoid foaming, let the blue program run for only a few seconds (about 30 seconds) and stop it by pressing 2 times on the button.
Transfer to a clean, dry bottle, scraping well with a spatula or spoon.
To wash the tub, fill it up to the top line of water with a little washing-up liquid and start the first purple program by pressing once.
Et voilà !