Cutina (emulsifier)

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    Cutina is a self-emulsifier of natural origin. It offers very good stability to your emulsions and allows you to create all kinds of textures ranging from a very fluid and light milk, to a thick and protective balm. It gives your preparations a very fine, silky and soft texture, as well as excellent penetration , leaving no residue on the skin. Bonus: it is a real softening and emollient active ingredient on its own.

    Cutina is a very versatile emulsifier and texturizer that is very easy to use, allowing you to make all types of emulsions (milk, creams, balms, cream shampoos, etc.). It is classified in the category of self-emulsifiers, this means that it allows stable emulsions to be produced without requiring co-emulsifiers or other stabilizers. Finally, it allows you to obtain creamy, fine and light textures, leaving no film or feeling of wax on the skin.

    Applications : 

    All skin types: oily, combination, normal, dry or very dry

    All hair types

    Cosmetic properties: 

    Self-emulsifying: it can be used alone to emulsify an oily phase (oil or vegetable butter) and an aqueous phase (water or hydrosol)

    Emulsion stability: makes it easy to produce stable emulsions

    Many possible textures: milk, cream, balm

    Non-greasy feel: allows you to produce fine and light emulsions

    Very penetrating: leaves no residue

    Organoleptic properties: 

    Composition / INCI : Glyceryl stearate SE

    Origin: plant

    Origin: Germany

    Quality: cosmetic

    Presentation & appearance: yellowish granules

    Density: 0.91-0.93

    Melting point (temperature at which the product melts): 56-61°C

    Precautions for use: 

    Keep out of reach of children.

    In general, keep properly closed, away from light and heat.

    Respect the recommended dosages.

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