BeautyMix, the home cosmetics robot

A clever robot, ingredients and a mobile application to make all your cosmetics yourself. It's fun, economical and tailor-made!


    An evil robot

    What a robot is your best ally to concoct your homemade cosmetics.

    It heats and mixes according to 3 programs:

  • cleaning
  • cold preparation
  • hot preparation

  • It consists of a base, a removable bowl that can go in the dishwasher and a precision scale to make your recipes.

    Quality ingredients

    Ingredients BeautyMix sont : 

  • natural and organic
  • sourced as locally as possible (France and Europe)
  • carefully selected to guarantee their effectiveness

  • In a zero waste approach, their glass bottles are reusable. They are available individually and in boxes on our shop.

    Varied recipes

    Cream, shampoo, deodorant, make-up… you can create all your bathroom products and personalize them as you wish!
    All our recipes are developed by our cosmetologist and tested in the laboratory.

    Our formulas are minimalist, you only buy what you need.

    A useful app

    L’application BeautyMix guide you to get started in home cosmetics.

    You can realize a personalized diagnosis and choose your ingredients and recipes according to your needs.

    The shop allows you to buy your ingredients and you can save your preparations there to follow their expiry. A real assistant at your fingertips.

    The app is available for free at iPhone and on Android.