Recipe: Oily serum good glow


Ingredient list
Recipient: Small tank (250mL)
Choose the desired quantity : mL
15.0 g

Containers to use:
1 x Flacon (30 mL)
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Super easy

180 days

6.00 €
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L’huile-sérum redonne tonus, éclat et souplesse à la peau. Riche en caroténoïdes, elle permet d’effacer les signes de fatigue et illumine le teint en un clin d’œil, en lui donnant un petit côté hâlé, retour de vacances. 

Skin type: dry and devitalized skin.

Concerns: dull complexion, tired.

Texture: an oily texture with a dry feel produced by hazelnut oil

Smell: characteristic of vegetable oils.

Number of ingredients: 2

% of natural origin: 100%

vegan: yes

An excellent score on Yuka: 100/100

Description of ingredients:

Hazelnut oil: Vegetable oil, certified organic and of French origin, with a dry touch, ideal for regulating excess sebum, reducing the appearance of imperfections, healing and softening combination skin with an oily tendency.

Oily carrot macerate: Macerate certified organic and of French origin, suitable for all skin tones, recognized for immediately illuminating the complexion with a very natural tan and refining skin texture.

INCI: Corylus hazelnut seed oil, Helianthus annus seed oil, daucus carota sativa root extract, beta-carotene


After cleansing your skin with micellar water or face cleansing gel, apply this serum as a day and night care. Take a few drops and apply to the face, gently rubbing in.

Precautions before starting

Before starting, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the work surface and the utensils: the prepared products will go on the skin, it is therefore necessary to avoid any microbial contamination!

Thoroughly clean the BeautyMix. Then, soak a clean cloth in 70° alcohol (available in supermarkets) and use it to disinfect the BeautyMix tank and all the utensils. Let dry.

Clean the work surface and remove objects that could get in the way.

Place a clean paper towel on the work surface, and place the utensils on it. Have available: a clean teaspoon or spatula, and a clean, dry container for pouring the preparation once ready. Wash hands thoroughly.

Respect the dosages indicated for the ingredients of the recipe.
Need more information ? Consult the "Getting Started" page.
Thoroughly disinfect the work surface, scale and spatula with 70° alcohol and clean paper.
Place a clean, disinfected glass vial on the scale.
Press T to set the scale to 0. Weigh the hazelnut oil.
15.0 g
Press T to reset the scale to 0. Weigh the oily carrot macerate.
15.0 g
Close your bottle with a pump and your good-looking oily serum is ready!
And There you go !