BeautyMix passes in "Who wants to be my partner?"
BeautyMix: the best project of the show Who wants to be my partner?

On Wednesday January 12, 2022, Nelly Pitt, founder of BeautyMix, appeared on the famous show "Who wants to be my partner?" on M6. His goal ? Present our project and try to convince investors! A year later, what conclusions can we draw from this incredible experience?

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Everything about the show "Who wants to be my partner?"

Who wants to be my partner?“This is the M6 program intended to financially support the projects of new business creators.

During this show, watched by millions of viewers, six investors: Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Delphine André (GCA) and Éric Larchevèque (Ledger), Anthony Bourbon (Feed), Sophie Mechaly (Paul & Joe), Jean-Pierre Nadir (Easytravel and Fairmoove) and Isabelle Weill (IWCorp), emblematic figures of French dynamism, give new talents a chance. 

A great journey for BeautyMix.

You know us through our in-house cosmetics robot... But who is really behind the brand and what is its story?

BeautyMix was founded by environmental engineer Nelly Pitt in 2018. 

Originally from the North, she had nothing of an entrepreneur at the start: granddaughter of peasants, daughter of telecom technicians, she began her professional career in water treatment plants.

It was when her daughter was born in China that Nelly turned to homemade products to find out what she was putting on her baby's skin. Impressed by the quality of the homemade products, this is what made her want to share this new passion around her. On her return to France, it was with her brother Mathieu that she joined forces to make it a business project.

Their mission: to make home-made a natural alternative to all-industrial thanks to BeautyMix, the clever robot for home cosmetics. Together, Nelly and Mathieu want to make a zero plastic, zero waste, 100% sharing mode of consumption accessible to everyone.

Elected Product of the Year 2021, BeautyMix has already won over many fans in France!

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Why did we participate in the show?

We continue to prove that our concept gives the keys to more responsible and informed consumption. We have received a lot of support from major cosmetics players such as Sephora (through the program Accelerate Sephora), L'Oréal (with its BeautyTech Atelier program at Station F), Cosmetic Valley in Chartres, and Coty (Incoplex Paris Beauty program).

Unlike many young start-ups, BeautyMix has never raised funds. This is why, when production contacted us, we saw a great opportunity to introduce even more of you to "Made in chez Moi" cosmetics, to obtain expert advice on our project and our company, but also to collect investments to help us continue our development! 

At the end of this issue, we were able to raise €300,000 proposed by the investor Jean-Pierre Nadir. We accepted this investor's offer because he attaches great importance to the social and environmental commitment of our company.


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One year after QVEMA, what results?

Is BeautyMix the best project of the program Qui Veut Etre Mon Associé? Anyway, that's what I believe. Jean Pierre Nadir !

Proud of his investment obtained after a hard fight against Eric Larchevêque, the entrepreneur kept his word and accompanied us day by day for a year, to manage our activity as well as possible, to flush out the pitfalls on our path, and to continue to make discover the home cosmetics to the world.

Result ? We have continued to double our turnover each year, to our delight!

Thus, thanks to the BeautyMix community, more than one million packaging items have already been avoided since the launch!

These are hundreds ofdiscovery workshops which were organized throughout France.

These are tens of thousands of users, who have discovered the ease of making their own everyday products, and who are moving forward on the path to more responsible consumption.

So that home-made becomes, for everyone, obvious.

M6 came back to see us to take stock, and is broadcasting the images this Wednesday, January 25 at 9:10 p.m. on your screens!


BeautyMix s'invite à Natexpo !