Top 3 beauty gestures to adopt this fall
Your skin speaks to you, listen to it!

After the big back-to-school rush, here we are already in autumn! The temperatures are starting to cool off and our skin is starting to react to this change. So who says new season, also says new skincare routine. Discover below our 3 tips to best prepare your skin for this transition.

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Tip #1: Fewer scrubs!

If you too, during the summer, are fans of exfoliating products that help you prolong your tan until the “last suns”, it is now time to reduce the frequency of their use. Your skin, like nature, follows the course of the seasons. When the cold sets in, it becomes increasingly dry and therefore has new needs. Especially if you are part of the sensitive and reactive skin team! You can continue to make our recipe forscrub sweet based on apricot kernel powder but, starting today, use it only once a week so as not to dry out your skin further during the fall and winter period.  

Tip #2: Say goodbye to dark circles!

The transition between summer and autumn is always a little difficult and you won't tell us otherwise! A big blow of fatigue often points the tip of his nose and is felt for most of us. Our nights become less restorative following this sudden drop in energy and we begin to say goodbye to our beautiful summer glow and hello to the return of dark circles on our face! To reduce them and maintain a fresh and luminous look, nothing better than integrating ouranti-fatigue eye contourin your daily life. Enriched with cornflower water and antioxidants, it is perfect for decongesting dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. “Revived” effect guaranteed!

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Tip #3: Use richer skincare!

Bien qu’il fasse encore assez doux à cette période, les premiers tiraillements de votre peau  liés à l’installation du froid sont bels et bien présents. Pour que votre peau s’adapte au mieux à ce changement de saison et à votre nouveau rythme, nous vous proposons de privilégier des produits cosmétiques plus riches en lipides afin qu'elle reste bien hydratée. Pour cela, vous pouvez utiliser notre oleogel serum in addition to your usual day or night cream, this mixture of gel of linen, d’nuts oil and of oily carrot macerate will be ideal for your skin to gently get used to facing the cold.


SO ? Ready to welcome this change of season with us and adopt these 3 beauty gestures in your new fall routine?

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