Take care of your feet in winter

Although the feet are not directly subjected to the cold, they are not spared during the winter. Are your feet dry and calluses appearing? Do you always have cold feet at this time?

So yes, certainly, they are not visible at this time, but this is not a reason not to take care of them. On the contrary, to have beautiful feet in spring/summer, it is important to take care of them all year round. In this blog article, we give you all the tips to pamper them! 

Care adapted to the feet

Wash your feet with a moisturizing soap.

Do not hesitate to use a moisturizing shower gel to take care of your feet. Indeed, this area also suffers from the cold and the perspiration that stagnates in the shoes. 

At BeautyMix, we offer a shower gel to gently cleanse and remove impurities and dirt without drying out the skin. Its formula containing sweet almond oil nourishes, regenerates, softens and softens the skin without attacking it. 

Exfoliate your feet! 

Hiding your feet in winter thinking that you will have plenty of time to worry about your calluses (which correspond to a thickening of the skin of the feet in reaction to friction) in the spring is not really the solution. The cold can aggravate this phenomenon, by transforming calluses into cracks on the heel. 

For the kick, which will never be exfoliated with a grater, it is recommended to use a gentle exfoliation in order to remove superficial dead skin cells. For the heel, which is the area where the skin is the thickest, exfoliation with a grater is recommended.

Rather than exfoliating intensively infrequently (which will accentuate the "skin creation" effect by means of a protective mechanism), the pedicure-podiatrist recommends that we do it more regularly, in the shower, fairly briefly, Passing shower gel on the foot then lightly exfoliating with a grater or pumice stone.

For the gommage, we recommend our recipe based on apricot powder.

Hydrate them.

The ideal way to fight against dehydration is to remember to hydrate your feet.

We recommend using the baume multi-usages in the evening at bedtime, to be applied in a thick layer in order to nourish the feet well. It is a very moisturizing balm since it contains cocoa butter, hazelnut oil and beeswax, all three very rich.

The trick is to put a sock over it.

Jojoba, sweet almond or even argan oils are recommended oils to maximize hydration and soften calluses.


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A few more tips?

Boosts blood circulation.

In the morning, in bed, remember to perform ankle flexions/extensions to start blood circulation and stimulate the muscles. 

The other trick is to energetically rub your feet to stimulate blood circulation and thus prevent frostbite. This can be done in the evening using a moisturizer.

Avoid layering socks to keep you warm.

Indeed, many tend to think that the more layers there are, the less the cold will set in! Well no ! In fact, layering socks will cut off blood circulation, especially to the toes, which can cause frostbite.

The trick is therefore to choose a suitable pair of socks, for example, in merino wool. Cotton is not optimal since it tends to quickly become damp with perspiration without maintaining heat.

Take advantage of this season not to paint your nails!

The feet are sufficiently abused in the boots and ankle boots since they remain locked up most of the winter. Let your nails breathe. This is the best trick to have pretty nails in the spring.

On the other hand, do not neglect the cutting and the filing of your nails in order to prevent them from stumbling and creating hematomas by microtraumas in the shoes.

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