Make your own products to take care of your face ☺️
I take care of myself during confinement!

The second week of confinement is ending and we are therefore continuing our great momentum: one week, one routine ! Last week, we gave you the key steps of a body routine made with the BeautyMix and you liked it a lot! In this new article, we share with you the essential products to make for a successful face routine !

So, let's go for this new routine :)

A good mine in this autumn period ...

The days are shorter, the sky less sunny and we are losing our summer colors... To brighten up your days and your face, we suggest you make our oily serum looking good. With just a few ingredients, this one gives your skin the light you need. It is ideal for devitalized and tired skin. It will help them regain tone, radiance and suppleness!

Take pleasure in applying it by performing light massages all over your face, morning and evening.

Her little secret ? It is thanks to oily carrot macerate that your skin will retain its pretty tanned complexion throughout the year!

To do this, just click To be.
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Complete your healthy glow routine with a moisturizing face cream !

After applying your serum, complete your care by making and using your lightweight cream formulated to provide you with hydration and luminosity. Also rich in oily carrot macerate, it will provide your skin with vitamin E and pro-vitamins A.

It is also nourishing, regenerating and softening .

Apply it in the morning, under your makeup and in the evening before going to bed to take full advantage of its effects.

To achieve it, it's just here !

Wrap your face with a masque soothing...

To finish this routine, treat yourself to a special homemade treatment , once or twice a week. For this we advise you to deeply cleanse your skin with our two-phase make-up remover and an micellar water house, then apply a clay mask green or pink depending on the needs of your skin. To learn more about the virtues of these two clays, you can read our article on this subject. 

During the 15 minutes during which your mask will be on, give yourself a moment of relaxation around a tea and a good book :)

And you, what is your ideal homemade face routine?

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The fall beauty routine with BeautyMix!