How to have beautiful hands even in winter?

Hands are much more fragile than you think and can be abused on a daily basis. Tired of rough, dry hands and chipped nails?

Do not panic, this article is made for you! 

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Having beautiful hands is not that complicated!

Remember to wear gloves when doing the dishes and cleaning:

Yes, it may sound silly like that, but industrial household products are very irritating to the hands. They will tend to dry them out and can even cause a form of eczema: dermatitis. If you want to be sure of the products you use, you can make them yourself. We have plenty of household product recipes healthy and natural.

Exfoliate the skin of your hands:

Si ce geste peut sembler évident pour le visage, c’est exactement la même chose pour les mains. Il est important de réaliser un scrub in order to eliminate dead skin and subsequently allow deep hydration via creams or masks.

Hydrate them!

It is important to pass hand cream. Choose the texture you like the most. You can keep a little light moisturizer on you during the day and opt for a rich balm in the evening, at bedtime. The ideal is to carry out a small massage in order to allow a good penetration of this one. For the more courageous, don't hesitate to put on a small thin cotton glove afterwards to promote penetration and therefore not moisturize the sheets.

Also be careful not to forget the small cuticles that are important to moisturize.

Depending on the season, you can customize your cream by adding a more or less large and rich quantity of oil. 

Wash your hands with a moisturizing soap.

Indeed, washing your hands is a gesture that is repeated many times during the day. It is therefore essential to choose the right moisturizing soap. Prefer lukewarm water rather than hot water when washing. At BeautyMix, we offer a gel sale for hands.

Opt for a cream with sun protection.

It is essential to preserve the skin of the hands which is very thin and prone to sunburn which can then generate spots.

Wear gloves in very cold weather !

The best way to protect your hands from frostbite and cracks is prevention. Do not hesitate to wear a pair of gloves to protect them from humidity, wind and cold outside, they will only be better off.

Recipes for homemade cosmetics for the hands

We offer a crème for the hands which contains:

This cream recipe nourishes, regenerates and softens the hands and is therefore really ideal in winter! It offers a creamy texture and a soft and silky touch. This cream will respect and rebalance the hydrolipidic film of the hands.

Once a week, perform a scrub based on apricot kernel powders which will gently exfoliate and leave a pleasant feeling.

Our cleansing gel will be ideal for preserving the softness of the hands. Composed of only six ingredients, it is healthy, natural and good for the skin by providing it with the necessary ingredients. I'sweet almond oil will nourish in depth and will be combined with a concentrate of gentle foamers, which do not irritate the skin. 


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