A new beauty routine for this Spring?

Who says new season , says new routine !

Our skin does not have the same expectations, nor the same needs. In winter, we focus more on nourishing care due to the low temperatures that attack our skin: dryness, redness... In spring, the rise in temperatures invites us to readapt our routine of our body and face care.

So you can turn to new receipts homemade cosmetics , more suitable, to take care of you and those around you!

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Cleanse your skin with a refreshing gel !

We talked about it in detail in our latest blog post : it is essential to cleanse your skin thoroughly morning and evening.

To have fun and take advantage of the different alternatives offered by home cosmetics , what better than to vary the textures? When in winter we would be more adept at a make-up remover balm greasy, why not opt for a lighter texture that brings a little freshness ?

OUR cleaning gel is therefore the most suitable product for this season! It gently removes impurities and traces of make-up, for soft, clear skin.

You can completely personalize it according to your tastes and preferences by choosing the scent you prefer from our hydrosols.

To learn more about this recipe, we invite you to consult this one just here.

And to discover or rediscover our blog article dedicated to skin cleansing, it's just be.

And masque in the color of spring...

After thoroughly cleansing your face, why not apply a pink clay mask ?

This clay is softening and purifying . But better than that, it helps to restore radiance to your skin . An action that seems essential at the end of winter, when our skin lacks clarity and light

This clay is particularly suitable for sensitive , fragile skin and obviously: dull complexions .

For this spring, make your homemade mask in just a few minutes by following this homemade cosmetics recipe step by step. To discover this one, it's just be

You can also learn more about the different clays we offer by clicking here.

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A healthy glow thanks to your moisturizer.

You will have understood: our skin demands light !

It is to meet this need that we have formulated a face cream recipe so you can reproduce it at home.

What is the mystery ingredient in this homemade cream ? It's about oily carrot macerate !

This ingredient makes it possible to refine the texture of the skin and will give you a healthy glow . It promotes the extension of the tan, the regeneration of the skin and softens it. To learn all about this incredible ingredient, just go here. We offer it for sale on our Online Store, but you can also easily make your own.

This light cream is ideal to apply morning and evening to hydrate deep into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky.

Remove makeup well and cleanse your face?
A natural routine to make your skin breathe!