A box for all dads!
Father's Day with BeautyMix.

An ideal gift for Father's Day... What if this year you introduced him to homemade cosmetics? 

This year, for Father's Day, we wanted to offer a 100% DIY box to allow men to make their own styling gel and their sérum hydratant. Through this box, we want to democratize home-made for everyone, regardless of gender! No more clichés and stereotypes, men are getting into it too!

So we tell you everything about this great box and the recipes to make with it. Let's go !

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Homemade, for everyone.

With our robot BeautyMix and our complete solution to make all its products yourself, you can get started more easily in making recipes for your bathroom. 

Male or female, this practice has no gender limit. If women are precursors in the practice of homemade, men are also in demand for recipes adapted to their needs. Yes yes, we read you gentlemen and we are delighted with your requests!

DIY is a creative and playful solution responding to the growing environmental and economic concerns of consumer-actors. According https://www.magazine-avantages.fr, 79% of women say they do Do It Yourself compared to 62% of men. A difference not so big after all!

That's why this year for Father's Day, we've created a box special to them.

A gift combining the useful with the pleasant! 

The robot and the box “For him” is an original gift to give or receive for Father's Day. 

Through this box, he will be able to make two recipes himself to accompany him on a daily basis. Among these two recipes, there is a novelty highly requested by the brand's male consumers.

It's about styling gel

Our new 2-in-1 styling gel recipe provides hold and texture without drying out the hair fiber thanks to its moisturizing properties. Enriched with glycerin and flaxseed gel, it creates movement, defines curls and limits frizz and flyaways. The hair stays shiny without a cardboard effect.

Our tips : A dab of product is enough to give the hair the desired texture. Apply all over the hair until you get the desired result!

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A complete routine!

The other key recipe in this box is the serum moisturizing and toning.

This refreshing serum brings hydration, tone and radiance to the skin. Thanks to the oily carrot macerate, you will obtain an ultra-natural tan for a rejuvenated and radiant complexion effect all year round. It is ideal for periods of fatigue or stress. And that, we know that all dads are!

Our tips : Apply it on clean skin, after cleaning it with micellar water or cleansing gel. 

Shake the product then apply it on the whole of the face and the neck then make circular movements on the cheeks, the forehead, the chin and the neck. 

Then you can apply your face cream. The healthy glow cream is a great idea to complete this morning and evening routine.

For a feeling of freshness, it is advisable to keep your serum in your refrigerator.

Take care of your feet in winter