The secret of Japanese youth: layering (part 1)

As promised, Team BeautyMix is always on the lookout for the habits and customs of different women around the world! Today we are going to Asia with the beauty rituals of Japanese women and more specifically, a beauty ritual that is at the origin of their baby skin: I named Layering! And yes, this secret (which is no longer a secret) is THE beauty routine of the moment! Curious as we are, we immediately wanted to know more about this Asian custom!



Layering, what is it?

In Japan, it is customary to present a perfect face: soft, firm and white skin. This is of socio-cultural significance. Women want to sport flawless skin. To do this, the Japanese have developed a traditional ritual that is passed down from generation to generation.

The word Layering comes to us from English and means “superposition of layers”. We therefore refer to the different treatments applied to the face which allow us to give our skin all the protective films it needs, always using simple, healthy and natural products. So we bet on organic products but especially homemade products!!

Each layer represents a step in this ritual and a specific benefit provided to the epidermis.  Layering is broken down into 7 different steps, to be carried out morning and evening if you want an optimal result:

Make-up removal (only in the evening)


The Lotion

The serum

The eye contour

Day or night cream

The lip balm


You want to know more ?! (I knew it… ^^) Find the first steps of Layering in our next article !! So stay tuned !!


PS: Don't forget to share your beauty rituals with us! We love to read you...

See you soon.


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