The beauty secrets of the Malagasy…

Malagasy beauty secrets

At BeautyMix we like to discover the habits and customs of our users. Because each beauty is different, the team has decided to share with you the beauty secrets of women from all over the world! Here we meet to discover Malagasy beauty rituals!

Can you introduce yourself.

My name is Jeanine. I am a 55 year old French woman from Madagascar. Mother of three children and grandmother of three wonderful creatures. I am passionate about reading, gardening, photography and manual arts and a big fan of natural products.

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What Malagasy beauty secrets can you tell us?

I have several secrets… Rice, the body's first natural preservative product. The Malagasy in the country eat it three times a day. Despite the harshness of life and their daily rhythm of life, the Malagasy always seem younger than their age. Like all people from other countries who regularly eat rice such as Asians. We have inherited from elsewhere according to the history of the Asian food lifestyle!

Come after the products from organic crops. A large part of crops and livestock in Madagascar is still organic. Moreover, some brands of cosmetic products known worldwide source their ingredients in Madagascar.

Plants remain the favorite products of Malagasy people against all ailments.

If I tell you everything, it won't be a secret anymore! 😇  

What are the natural ingredients found in your home and what are their virtues?

With me you can always find:     
– Rice which is naturally rich in B vitamins and mineral elements.
Tea, rich in antioxidants and which contributes to the improvement of protective cardiovascular lipid factors  
Corn (from Madagascar) which is diuretic, source of iron, phosphorus and magnesium.


What is your top 3 in terms of natural cosmetics?

– BioAroma for its pebble soaps,
– Homéopharma for its soaps and care creams,
– Nuxe for the make-up range.             


What guides your cosmetic choices?

I pay particular attention to the composition of the product! I bet everything on herbal products and natural products.
I also look at what are the virtues and the benefits that the product can bring me while remaining in a reasonable price range!


What's the best beauty/wellness advice you've ever received?

The best beauty and wellness advice I've ever received, I think, is to simply eat and drink healthy. After each individual is unique. Our genes, our habits, our cultures make our differences.


What advice would you give your daughter to take care of herself?

Prioritize natural products. Do not overload the skin daily with makeup that smothers the skin. And above all, to always take care of your body, because no beauty, however natural, lasts over time without care.


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