Projects we love: COZIE

Cozie is THE Dream Team of Zero waste and 100% organic cosmetics! (Yes, Yes ZERO waste).

It is also the first company to have had the idea of offering bulk cosmetics. In bulk? Are you going to tell me… Yes yes, the concept is ultra simple and ultra good for the planet!

  1. I choose my bottle (30 ml, 50 ml or 100ml): ✔️
  2. I use the desired amount of product:✔️
  3. I choose the right pump and 100% free! : ✔️
  4. I weigh my bottle and pay just the amount I take + €1.50 deposit for the bottle: ✔️
  5. I take advantage of a treatment that is 100% good for the planet!!


The little extra? It is possible to bring back your bottle once the product has been used and you thus benefit from a discount of €1.50 on your next purchase. The bottle will be cleaned and reused = I enjoy my cream without adding an empty bottle to my environmental impact!


Behind this project? A young and dynamic team full of ambition!

Emeric: the one who had the idea of bulk

Arnaud: the group's marketer

Louise: the zero waste leader


Cozie aims to offer zero waste products yes, but also of quality, ethical and responsible. The products are made with natural ingredients from organic farming and produced in France. Because beauty does not belong only to women, the brand simplifies the choice of products by offering unisex cosmetics for all ages.


At BeautyMix, we share their vision of "one for all, all for one!" ". Because everyone has a role to play, and if everyone acts on a personal scale, major changes in society will be positive. So we say yes to zero waste and YES to the Cozie concept!



Did you know Cozie? Do you follow other zero waste brands?

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