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As a "web addict", Anne-Lise, the team's Content Manager, has made a small selection of her favorite green, healthy and well-being blogs for you! Watch out for your keyboards!

#1: The blog of Georgia Horackova

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photo credit: Georgia Horackova

We no longer need to introduce you to the pretty Georgia, a committed and fit blogger, Georgia has now become essential in the field of well-being. A Hatha yoga teacher, she shares her lifestyle tips through her blog and Youtube channel.

At the origin of the Get Green & Sexy program which brings together more than 14,000 Instagram subscribers and more than 3,000 members, she has just released her own Oracle Karmasana and her Karmasana yogi program.

We like his commitment and his closeness. To follow immediately!


#2: The blog of Naturally Lyla
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photo credit: Naturally Lyla

Always on the lookout for natural recipes, whether food or cosmetics, we love her good humor, her naturalness and her proximity! Lyla makes us travel with her through her photos and anecdotes. She is also at the origin of the book Masques de beauté, in which she reveals her secrets for hair and skin in top shape! The little extra? All with 100% natural products!


#3: The blog Happynewgreen
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photo credit: happynewgreen

The fashion blog, yes but ethical! Manon shares with us her fashion favourites, which she likes to be ethical. She shows us that it is possible to find sustainable and responsible fashion pieces. She also shares her shopping selections and looks! More than fashion, Manon also shares her lifestyle favourites, her good addresses for healthy eating and finally her travels!


And what are your favorite blogs?

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

See you soon.


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