Natural and Home made Christmas decorations!
Christmas Do it Yourself with BeautyMix

The month of December has just begun and soon Christmas will point the tip of its nose. The atmosphere of the end-of-year celebrations is more and more present and for good reason, everyone is starting to put up their decorations, to make their tree, to listen to music or to watch all the latest Christmas films!

Christmas decorations are often very popular. Some of you buy them, reuse the same ones every year or complete your collection. Major brands offer them every year, so you can find them everywhere and at all prices. But did you know that most decorations are made from non-recycled materials and are also non-recyclable, like plastic? They are also often made all over the world...

In this new article, we want to share with you three simple Christmas decoration ideas, to be made with your BeautyMix robot. Let's go !

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Natural paint for your windows!

For this recipe, we wanted to offer you an alternative to the artificial snow bomb, which is widely used but very polluting.

In order to make this homemade "paint" recipe , you will need:

In your container, place two tablespoons of calcium carbonate. Then, pour a little water so as to soak your calcium carbonate. Mix well ! You need to get a smooth consistency, which is not too runny or too thick.

You can then use it directly on your windows and other glass! To clean it, it's simple: a little water on a cloth and you're done!

Make your natural candles!

What would be successful December evenings without candles? They allow us to create a beautiful cocooning atmosphere !

Most candles are made of wax and a wick that can give off a smoke and smell that is often bad for us when we breathe them. So what could be better than turning to an alternative that is more respectful of your health and the planet? 

For this recipe you will need:

  • From a glass jar

  • Wick in vegetable wax

  • Soy wax ⁠

  • essential oils

  • From your BeautyMix!

In your robot BeautyMix, pour in the soy wax and melt it using the hot programme. Then pour in the chosen essential oil and restart the hot program. Place your wick in the center of your glass jar and pour the container of the tank into it! And presto, you get a beautiful homemade candle .

To know all the details of this recipe, just go here.

As of Wednesday, December 9, you will be able to obtain a complete kit on our online store to make this recipe yourself and step by step!

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Christmas decorations in self-hardening clay

For this last recipe, you can craft with BeautyMix ingredients a self-hardening paste similar to Fimo clay. With it, you can create all the shapes you want and thus decorate your interior and your Christmas tree!

You are going to need:

In your tank, pour a glass ofcorn starch and two glasses of baking soda, then add a glass of cold water. Start the hot program then the cold program. Let your dough thicken so that it becomes more compact. Peel off the dough and place it in a bowl covered with a tea towel. You can then easily work it and even make shapes with cookie cutters. Then let your work rest for 48 hours! You can then paint them and add the details you want. Too good, right?

And you, have you planned to make your homemade decorations?

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