DIY: the growing desire to "do it yourself"!
Do It Yourself or "doing it yourself" in French, is a practice that is spreading more and more. For the most creative among you, you certainly already know this concept by the manual side that it requires. But if at the base this activity appeals to the most creative among us, it is developing more and more and this for several reasons which I am going to talk to you about today in this article, because after all, BeautyMix is the very essence of Do It Yourself (with a little help: the robot which makes all the difference!).

The Do It Yourself, in a few words...

Do It Yourself has developed a lot in all areas: the making of clothes, decorations, household and cleaning products, beauty products, jewelry and many others.

In a few figures and according to a survey on "The second creative life of the French", 2 out of 3 French people practice DIY. 75% are followers for various reasons: to gain self-confidence (26%), to transmit their know-how (17%), to become actors of their life (14%), but also in order to save money, to stand out , privilege the "Made In France", for the pleasure of creating... 

What are the advantages of Do It Yourself?

  • Do it yourself : a first step towards autonomy! You have freedom in choosing the product you want to make: choose your raw materials, your style... You can make it according to your desires, according to what you are really looking for. Whether in terms of practicality or results, whatever the field (textiles, decoration, hygiene products, etc.), you are in control of your production.

Which brings me to point number two.

  • Satisfaction : Buying in a store is good, doing it yourself is better. Having in your hands the product of your creation, whether it was guided by a manual in its making or whether it comes straight from your imagination, nothing is more satisfying than having your product with your personal touch and original: a great pride. DIY can also be a good way to clear your head, to take time for yourself.

  • Economy : To achieve what you want, you have to equip yourself with basic materials: raw materials, fabrics, accessories... But doing it yourself will always be cheaper because after all you only pay for the material you need. you need and thus eliminate all the additional costs due to labour, the distribution network, communication, packaging... You no longer need others to take care of you, DIY giving you independence financial and material. And even better if the material chosen is multifunctional. For example, at BeautyMix, we only offer about twenty'ingredients since some are present in different recipes.

  • Consuming in a more conscious and more eco-responsible way : This is especially true in the context of cosmetics, maintenance and household products. Indeed, industrial products are filled with chemical ingredients. When you make it yourself, you can choose your ingredients and limit their number. So your product is healthier, free of chemicals and superfluous ingredients. At BeautyMix, all of our ingredients are natural and organic . Each of our recipes contains only very few ingredients, the essential ones for the proper production of these, guaranteeing you the desired result without having too long a list...

  • Do It Yourself is also a fun activity, to be done alone or with others. When you enter this practice, you join a large community and a large family that shares ideas and advice. At BeautyMix, this community is present on our Facebook group "BeautyMix Addicts".

Fears to get you started? BeautyMix reassures you!

Many advantages to DIY but two fears come back particularly: the waste of time and the failure of the realization.

  • Making it yourself can indeed in some cases, such as sewing, take a little longer than a product already made. The problem is also found in home cosmetics where initially a lot of patience and materials are needed: bain-marie, whisk, thermometer... But, with BeautyMix you make all your cosmetics in just a few minutes ! Yes, because you just have to choose your recipe, customize it according to your preferences, weigh the ingredients and the robot takes care of heating, mixing and cooling your preparation. We timed it: to mix your homemade cream, the robot only needs seven minutes!

  • Failure: Yes, sometimes we make mistakes, we start over but with practice and training, we become more comfortable! You can slowly launch into simple achievements and gradually increase the level of difficulty of your achievements. With BeautyMix, you have little chance of going wrong. Select your recipe, you will be guided step by step thanks to our mobile application . Everything is indicated: the choice of ingredients, the dosages, the steps and programs of the robot. Our app is intuitive and you work hand in hand with our innovative robot! 

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So get started!

You now have no excuse for not doing it yourself, especially in homemade cosmetics, with the BeautyMix it only has advantages: fun, healthy, economical, ecological ...

We were, moreover, delighted with the success of the Creations & Know-How Fair where we were able to meet thousands of Do It Yourself enthusiasts!

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