Create a space for yourself

At BeautyMix we pay particular attention to your well-being. It is important that everyone is at their best and at the top of their minds and bodies in order to live in harmony. It's my turn to share with you my approach to well-being.


I'm going to talk to you about yoga because it's the little thing that makes me feel good. But each person must find their own source of relaxation, the one that best suits them.

The practice of yoga keeps me calm, focused and gives me a comforting feeling of well-being after each session! Its role is to create strength and harmony by promoting mindfulness and finding the perfect balance between body and mind. In addition to increasing flexibility, toning muscles and correcting your posture, yoga also has virtues for strengthening the immune system.


I also created a small space where I like to place candles, crystals, an armchair on which I can read or draw. This space is for me and I like to spend an hour there during the day to relax and think of nothing but me. This is where I practice my yoga session, lighting my candles and listening to music (The Little Things and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat).


Taking time for yourself is something very important and one that we rarely practice. My advice: try to create a little bubble, a little moment, whether on your terrace, in your bathroom or in a corner of the house, in order to disconnect and recharge your batteries.



And you, what is this little thing that relaxes you?


Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

See you soon.


La team BeautyMix

5 tips for taking care of yourself