With Pur Control, you will love fighting your imperfections!
Zero imperfection goal!

À l’adolescence comme à l’âge adulte, qui n’a jamais rêvé d’avoir une peau saine, nette et apaisée sans bouton ni point ? On le sait tous, les peaux grasses à tendance acnéique sont sujettes à de nombreuses imperfections et nous font vivre un vrai calvaire… Pour prendre soin d’elles, la Team BeautyMix a confectionné une nouvelle routine naturelle anti-imperfections à réaliser soi-même. Grâce à l'hydrolat de menthe poivrée et son nouvel actif français antibactérien Cinacontrol+, patented and objectified Cosmos based on cinnamon extract, it aims to help you fight against all types of daily imperfections that you may encounter: shine, excess sebum, pimples or even blackheads! 

The Pure Control Box It is 4 new recipes for the production of 7 products!

Purifying Clay Mask

To find a healthy and radiant skin...

Start your anti-blemish routine using ourPurifying Clay Mask. Its creamy paste, composed ofGreen clayand ofkaolin (white clay) , of 100% natural origin, deeply purifies your skin without drying it out! By using it once or twice a week and thanks to the action of its antibacterial active ingredient - Cinacontrol+ you will be able to observe a real reduction in excess sebum but also less clogged and tighter pores. You will also find visibly clearer skin.

Reaching the 0 shine objective, how to do it?

Apply ourMattifying Purifying Lotion, based onpeppermint hydrosol, its purifying action acts from the first application. Thanks to the action of its antibacterial active ingredient - Cinacontrol+, She allows you to find a mattified complexion and fights against all imperfections: pimples, blackheads, excess sebum, etc... By using it daily your skin texture is refined and your skin regains all its radiance!

Mattifying Purifying Lotion
Purifying Clay Mask

Impurities just have to watch out!

To complete your beauty routine and continue to eliminate your pimples, blackheads and stubborn shine, what better than to use ourGel crème anti-imperfections? Use it morning and evening, its fresh and non-greasy texture hydrates your skin day and night. Gthanks to its antibacterial active - Cinacontrol+ your skin is visibly clearer.

SOS: I still have a pimple!

Some imperfections are more reckless than others and do not leave us alone easily like pimples for example. You have already woken up one morning looking at yourself in the mirror, and there is DRAMA! A new pimple appeared overnight and it's the only day when it mustn't happen... So ourTargeted SOS anti-pimple pasteis made for you! Acting during your sleep, this targeted treatmentdries, soothes inflammation and reduces the appearance of your pimple. When you wake up, this will only be a distant memory and that's thanks to our new antibacterial active ingredient - Cinacontrol+ !

Mattifying Purifying Lotion

All the lights are green onYuka ! All the recipes offered in this new box get a score close to 80/100 and are made
with products of natural origin (+97%).

To adopt this new Anti-imperfections routine as soon as possible, don't wait any longer and pre-order yourPure Control Boxright now !

You can also complete it with thedeep-cleansing scrub and the purifying cleansing gel.

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