Handmade care ... for your hands!

Our hands are areas that we tend to neglect... and yet they deserve our full attention! Especially in this period, it is more than important to take care of it with adapted products. And what could be better than creating your own hand products with your own hands?

The skin of the hands is fragile because it is thin . As they contain very little sebaceous glands, our hands are necessarily drier and dehydrated. In addition, they are subject to external aggressions on a daily basis. Several actors come into play and can damage them: cold, chemicals and many others...

In this article, let's create together a routine adapted for your hands!

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Clean your hands with a gentle cleansing gel...

First, remember to clean your hands with the appropriate product. For this, we particularly recommend our gel sale special hands. This removes impurities and dirt without drying out your hands.

Composed of only six ingredients, it is healthy and natural , good for your skin by providing it with the necessary actions.

L'sweet almond oil deeply nourishes the skin of your hands, while our foaming concentrate provides gentle yet thorough cleaning . You can personalize your washing gel according to your needs by adding thehydrosol of your choice.

Want to try it? This recipe is correct here !

The scrub-mask combination: two essentials!

Just like your face, it may be appropriate to carry out once a week a scrub and a mask on your hands. The best being in making them yourself!

The scrub will eliminate dead cells on the surface of your hands. Thanks to the apricot kernel powder, the exfoliation will be done gently to leave a pleasant feeling on them.

For your scrub, apply a thin layer and work the product in a circular motion. This technique also helps to activate blood circulation . This recipe is very easy to make and only takes a few minutes. You can just find her To be.

The masque, meanwhile, will soothe the skin of your hands thanks to thepink clay or green to choose according to your preferences. Apply it in a thin layer on all of your hands and leave on for ten minutes. Guaranteed result!

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A Hand cream to perfect your care...

Finally, give your hands the ultimate care : a good dose of hand cream.

This recipe of cream nourishes, regenerates and softens your hands. It is therefore really ideal in winter! It offers a creamy texture and a soft and silky touch. It is therefore very pleasant to work on it! This cream will respect and rebalance the film hydrolipidic from your hands.

If you want it more nutritious, choose a vegetable oil richer. Also choose thehydrosol of your choice to give it a sweet scent.

It is very easy to make, only 20 minutes are enough! So, are you going to try it?

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