The anti-aging active ingredient, what is it!
The star anti-aging active ingredient!

            We know that 90% of the causes of skin aging are due to external sources. To fight against these external aggressions, the best weapon for your skin is an antioxidant active ingredient.

            It is for this reason that we have selected a 100% natural plant combination from savory and sour cherry with antioxidant and energizing properties for a clinically proven anti-aging effect. Its secret: it preserves cellular youth by effectively protecting the body from oxidative stress responsible for premature ageing.


            Anti-aging active ingredient, what is it?

               Because our priority is transparency and the naturalness of our active ingredients, we have selected a phyto-complex, 100% of natural origin, a real global anti-aging solution .

               We relied on natural ingredients sourced in France: sour cherry and savory .
            Free of silicones, dyes or synthetic fragrances, or any controversial substances such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, isothiazolinones (preservatives) or phthalates (perfume fixers), it respects the skin's ecosystem on a daily basis. 

            Did you know ?  

            A cousin of the sweet cherry, the morello cherry has a few advantages that it would be a shame to miss. Rich in water, it is hydrating and also contains antioxidant substances that boost the metabolism to fight against free radicals responsible for premature ageing. With a high beta-carotene content, it is a real health ally for revitalizing the skin and limiting cell aging.

            Savory, a plant of the thyme family, grows in the dry, sandy soils of southern France. We know its properties as an aromatic plant in food, but savory extract is also known for its revitalizing and smoothing properties.

            What are the benefits on the skin?

            The secret of theanti-aging active BeautyMix is its global action. It reduces UV-induced oxidative damage by 33% and thus neutralizes free radicals to protect against external aggressions while stimulating cell renewal. 

            The results on the skin are clinically proven under dermatological control for an effective anti-aging action on a daily basis.

            It fights against sagging skin and visibly improves skin quality for 95% of volunteers
            (wrinkles -17%, hydration +38%).

            Day after day, the skin is firmer, wrinkles smoothed and the complexion more radiant. Revitalized, the skin appears less tired.

            *clinical trial carried out on 40 healthy female subjects aged 35 to 55 and showing clinical signs of skin aging.

            In which recipes to use it?


                Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum 

                Rich anti-aging cream 

                Concentrated anti-aging night balm

               Anti-fatigue eye contour 

               Light anti-aging cream 

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