Pharmaceutical, food or household bicarbonate?
What are the differences ?

You may have already wondered what differentiates pharmaceutical bicarbonate from food or household bicarbonate .

These three baking soda differ based on their use and quality: 

  • “Technical” bicarbonate is intended for household products. It is easily and cheaply found.
  • "Food" bicarbonate is used in cooking and for body care.
  • "pharmaceutical" or "pharmaceutical " bicarbonate is considered purer and is only for medical uses. It composes certain medicines.

But can we use baking soda in home care products? Is it possible to cook using household baking soda? In this blog post we tell you all about these three bicarbonates.

Household baking soda

Also called technical bicarbonate , the latter includes the same concentration and the same molecules as food bicarbonate. However, it is considered less "pure" . Therefore, it should absolutely not be consumed. It is also recommended to wear gloves because it can be irritating. It is mainly intended for products for thehome maintenance, for gardening or DIY. However, you can also use it to clean your vegetables, in particular to rid them of pesticides. 

Where can you get household baking soda ?

In any supermarket you will find the brands star wax or Briochin.

Food bicarbonate

Baking soda is 100% ecological and non-toxic . It can be used for various purposes: gardening, home, laundry, cooking but also for body and oral hygiene products . For the kitchen, he will accompany you for the preparation of your dishes and to bring up your preparations, but also during the dishes.

Baking soda is also very good to consume for improving digestion and relieving heartburn. It is also recommended in oral care to improve breath or whiten teeth. You can also use it as a natural cosmetic product as part of dry shampoo or deodorant.

We can say that it is a magic product !

Where to get it ?

It is sold in supermarkets, especially in the grocery department.

Pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate

This product is 100% mineral and natural . Baking soda is considered the purest and best quality . Its manufacture includes additional actions such as analyzes and more advanced refining stages than the other two bicarbonates. Therefore, it is more expensive.

Mainly for internal use, you have no fear using it. You can also use it for the body or to make mouthwashes .

Where to find it ?

You can get it at a pharmacy.

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The baking soda we use!

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And you, do you use this product in your daily products ?

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