Linen gel, substitute for aloe vera!

Le gel de lin

Team BeautyMix's favourite...


Always on the lookout for the best cosmetic ingredients , the BeautyMix team wants you to discover its pearl: linen gel!

If we tell you linen, we all think of the material, soft and delicate. And yes, this material has been used for centuries, already in ancient Egypt flax was used to make clothes. But this flower has many other uses, including food And pharmaceutical.

But we are interested in cosmetics! Usable on the skin and hair, linen gel has firming properties thanks to its tightening and moisturizing effect.

Perfect substitute for Aloe Vera , flaxseed gel is a natural moisturizer. Its little extra: it is grown and extracted in France. A local product therefore, and just as effective as its exotic cousins.

It is known to have a so-called "viscous" consistency. This is due to the mucilage, a substance contained in flax seeds which, in the presence of water, thickens and gives it this particular texture.

What are the properties of linen gel?

We love it on the skin for its moisturizing , firming and remodeling properties providing suppleness and firmness.

To be applied directly to the skin as a serum before its day cream, it can also be adapted to its problems and expectations by adding vegetal oils to make a moisturizing cream that will give you luminosity and a glow as we like them! Finally, it is added to your face cream recipe as a moisturizing active ingredient.

For the hair, it is known for its fixing , moisturizing and anti-frizz properties. A single hazelnut is enough to bring them shine and softness. Ideal for curly hair, it restores volume and redraws your curls!

Great, right?

Where can I find linen gel?

First possibility: manufacture ! With your BeautyMix, it will only take a few minutes and will cost next to nothing. 

 Another possibility for those in a hurry: buy it ready-made on our boutique and take advantage of its virtues for the skin and hair. 


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And you, have you tried it? What did you think of it?

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