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Our hair is put to the test daily, on the one hand by environmental factors such as pollution, hard water, wind and cold, but also by external factors such as the frequent use of heating devices or overly aggressive hair care. Our diet is no exception, since foods rich in saturated fatty acids contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the scalp while impairing blood circulation. The combination of all these phenomena can manifest itself in different ways: sudden appearance of dandruff, loss of volume, itching.


Fortunately, there is a simple gesture that could save you the day!

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Far too many of us still focus only on our lengths, when our scalp is just as important. Yet it is here that our roots are housed, themselves connected to our blood vessels and participating in the nutrition of our hair. It is therefore essential to keep this area as healthy as possible, in order to promote hair growth and limit imbalances.

Why do a hair detox?

Do you use a lot of oil-rich skincare? Do you feel that your treatments are less effective than before? Do you think your hair is saturated due to an accumulation of care? It may be time for a hair detox !

Also called clarification, detox will rebalance your scalp by ridding it of impurities (residue, pollution, toxins). She will cleanse and purifywrap;">the scalp in depth. It is also often recommended for people in transition to natural care, in order to eliminate any traces of silicones. Your scalp will be soothed and cleansed and your hair will be more voluminous and more255); font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">brillante.

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Purifying Clay Mask

How to make a clarification?

Several options are available to you :

 Exfoliation…for a moment of relaxation

You thought it was only for face and body? It may be interesting to exfoliate your scalp. The circular movements during the cranial massage will stimulate the blood flow and the nutrient supply of your bulbs. However, finding a good scrub for the scalp can be tricky. They are often difficult to spread and rinse, due to the presence of seed powders. They are therefore not recommended for frizzy hair.

 Clarifying shampoo…use in moderation

This type of shampoo cleans more thoroughly than frequent use shampoos. They are used on an ad hoc basis with a spacing of about 5 weeks.


 The purifying mask… the simplest

Based on clay and plant powders, this option is the simplest and just as effective. You just need to mix the powders with lukewarm water until you get the desired consistency. The mask is only applied to the scalp, at the risk of drying out the lengths and it must be moistened beforehand. You can cover your hair with a care cap during the pose . Thirty minutes are enough to detoxify and soothe your scalp.

What are the key assets?



green and white clay

Their absorbent properties will eliminate excess sebum and impurities present, leaving the scalp cleansed.


Neem and tulsi powder

These powders are effective against dandruff and the itching that accompanies it


Peppermint and Witch Hazel hydrosol

As a total or partial replacement for water, these hydrolats will soothe and purify the scalp.

Peppermint hydrosol


Our hair detox mask to the rescue


Discover our 100% natural BeautyMix pure detox mask .
It purifies and deeply cleanses to regenerate and strengthen the hair.
It opens the hair scales to remove impurities and limit excess sebum that suffocates the hair fiber.
The scalp is airy, cleansed and soothed. The hair is healthier, shiny and voluminous.


Focus on its 3 key active ingredients!

100% natural and from a French mineral quarry, our white clay
is a natural and renewable resource with multiple virtues.
Purifying, absorbent and sanitizing active ingredient, it is ideal for hair detox
because it eliminates excess sebum and impurities present, leaving the scalp cleansed.
Very rich in minerals and trace elements, it is also soothing and therefore very popular with irritated and fragile skin.


Extracted from French maritime beets, our new Cosmos-certified organic active ingredient will be your new ally.
Its anti-inflammatory action reduces itching, the scalp is soothed. It helps maintain regular blood flow, the roots are better nourished.


A natural alternative to traditional foaming surfactants, our certified organic Cosmos tea saponin is an upcycled ingredient from Camellia seeds.
100% vegetable, it has cleansing, foaming and antimicrobial properties.
It is a sustainable ingredient that is part of our approach.

What are you waiting for to let yourself be tempted?

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