Vegan cosmetics: how to be sure?
Vegan cosmetics, what is it?

Impossible to use cosmetics that are not vegan? It's obviously a good choice, but how can you be sure that the vegan skincare product really is? The solution: switch to homemade treatments!

Let's be clear: what are vegan cosmetics?

Vegan beauty products are becoming more and more numerous… But what is really hiding behind this designation?

A vegan cosmetic is a treatment that must not have been tested on animals (which has been prohibited by law in the European Union since 2013), which must not contain any ingredient of animal origin and which must not have induced the use of an animal. But it goes further: consuming vegan cosmetics is part of the more global ethics of veganism, a way of life that protects the lives of animals and fights against their exploitation. Thus, if you are vegan, you do not consume any animal substance or any product derived from animal origin (such as leather, wool, dairy products, etc.)

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How can you be sure of the composition of your cosmetics?

To choose vegan cosmetics, you have to rely on labels and certifications: Vegan Society, Vegan Approved or Vegancert. The best way to control the composition of your skincare products is… to make them yourself! With Beauty Mix, you can make all bathroom products knowing exactly what you put in them. To avoid ingredients that do not correspond to your values, we adopt these recipes made from natural, organic and local ingredients.

Vegan alternatives at BeautyMix? 

We have selected a Glycerin high concentration of plant origin (flax and rapeseed), certified organic and sourced in France, to bring softness and suppleness to your care. 

Two of our best-selling recipes contain beeswax and we wanted to make them VEGAN ! By replacing beeswax with emulsifying wax 100% vegetable origin from sugar beets.

Find on our mobile application and on our website our deodorant recipevegan as well as our vegan lip balm !


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What is sensitive skin?
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