Multimasking: each area of the face has the right to its own mask!
Multimasking, what is it?

Multimasking is the face mask revisited! This treatment, which meets all the skin's needs, is not yet another beauty fad: it's the ideal gesture for flawless skin ...


 The observation is as follows: all areas of the body do not have the same needs. The cheeks may need to be hydrated , the under eyes to be decongested , the T zone to be purified … The art of multimasking is precisely to be able to use different specific treatments on different parts of the face at the same time. Practiced for a very long time by Japanese women, this treatment is particularly recommended by dermatologists. It's up to you to learn to listen to your skin, to look at it, to feel it to understand what it needs.

Multimasking, double advantage

Multi-masking is a small revolution in the facial care routine… Gone are the days of conscientiously applying two masks one after the other for an hour: imagine the considerable time saved in your bathroom! And that's not all, multimasking is better for the skin, which no longer has to struggle to absorb numerous active ingredients in just a few minutes. From now on, we apply different masks at the same time for a totally tailor-made treatment.


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Multimasking for a radiant, purifying and moisturizing treatment

This is the advantage of multimasking : being able to fight against different skin problems at the same time. We can therefore choose to bring radiance to the face with a radiance treatment if the skin is dull and if the complexion is not even, but we can also purify the T zone to balance excess sebum and reduce imperfections thanks toa purifying or mattifying mask. Finally, by juxtaposing the different masks, you can also treat the areas of dehydration on your face, in particular the cheeks, the sides of the nose and the contour of the lips with a moisturizing and soothing mask.

Clay, the star of multimasking

If there is one active ingredient that we find (almost) every time in multimasking , it is this one: clay . in version rose, this mineral ingredient softens, purifies and soothes even the most sensitive skin, while boosting natural radiance l for a guaranteed healthy glow. I' green claypurifies and detoxifies oily-prone skin: it absorbs excess sebum to cleanse and limit the appearance of imperfections (dilated pores, blackheads, pimples). As for theWhite clay, its soothing , purifying and purifying properties are highly appreciated by dry, irritated and fragile skin.

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The art of multimasking at BeautyMix

With the Lower the Masks box launched on the occasion of Mother's Day, you can also embark on the fantastic experience of multimasking ! Composed of two clays sourced in the Massif Central and Cosmos certified , you can make the recipes for the purifying mask with green clay and the radiance mask with pink clay. Apply a thick layer to the face and neck for 5 minutes to regain radiant, purified and very soft skin!

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