I have bags and dark circles ... But why ?!

Do you find your look dull? Fatigue ? You don't know how to fix them and you don't know their causes of appearance? 

Know that you are not alone, the eye area is one of the main cosmetic concerns for women but also for men. It is therefore a recurring problem, not revealing the presence of a significant health problem but rather turns out to be aesthetic inconvenience.

Here we will reveal all the tips and tricks to remedy this. After this article, the doe look is yours!

Dark circles or puffiness: what's the difference? And what is it?

Puffiness corresponds to a swelling of the lower eyelid, not to be confused with dark circles which correspond to a darkening of the skin.

The eye is surrounded by very thin skin and is therefore fragile since it is more easily exposed to external aggressions. There is blood circulation and lymphatic around the eye which allows both to nourish the area but also to clean it. 

It is these two circulations that are responsible for the appearance of dark circles when their functioning is undermined. In fact, when the lymphatic system is out of order, it no longer effectively eliminates the pigments (the melanin) present under the skin. The pigments therefore accumulate and are easily visible since at this level, the skin is thin, resulting in the appearance of a brown color under the eyes. Poor blood circulation, resulting in blue/purple dark circles. 

Dark circles are not exclusively characteristic of short nights. Indeed, an unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of tobacco and alcohol, as well as stress will accentuate this phenomenon. Do not forget that there is, unfortunately, a part of genetics that should not be overlooked.

Age will also accentuate this phenomenon since the skin will become more and more refined.

Puffiness is caused by the accumulation of water or fat under the eyes.

There are two categories:

  • So-called "aqueous" pockets : as the name suggests, they are linked to the accumulation of water and are the result of poor microcirculation leading to water retention. Often present upon waking, they tend to disappear during the day.

  • The so-called “adipose” pockets : these are pockets of fat. Often hereditary, they can also be linked to a microcirculation problem. They generally appear with age, and do not subside during the day.

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How to overcome ?

  • Improve your lifestyle : in fact, despite all the techniques that you can find, the most effective is still a balanced diet (with lots of good antioxidants and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables) and good sleep.

  • Stimulate the area with small massages every evening: dark circles and bags being linked to poor blood circulation, massages will help this circulation and help reduce new formations.

  • Medical methods: medical methods will not be explained here but know that there are some. If it persists, you can consult a health professional who will guide your treatment.

  • Protect yourself from UV rays : extremely thin, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive to UV rays which will promote hollowness under the eyes. 

  • Put cold on your eyes when you wake up: indeed, the cold will cause vasoconstriction (contraction of small vessels), improving blood circulation and limiting swelling).

  • Hydrate your eye contour : at BeautyMix, the gel of linen, very hydrating, can be used in your recipes to moisturize the eye contour. Very fresh cucumber slices will also be your hydration ally! (They will be removed when the "freshness" effect has disappeared)

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