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Save money by ordering your robot with a box of ingredients!
These ingredients will allow you to test your BeautyMix as soon as it is delivered.

This set includes EVERYTHING you need to create all your care and hygiene products yourself, according to your needs: moisturizers, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, micellar water, shower gel, shampoo , detangling ... for about 3 months. Find our formulas on the BeautyMix mobile app and make the products you like in the quantity you want.

Package contents:

1 Your Essentials box containing:
• lactic acid 10 ml
• thickener 30 g
• ultra soft foamer 10 ml
• baking soda 30 g
• cocoa butter 30 g
• beeswax 15 g
• mint hydrosol 50 ml
• calcium carbonate 30 g
• kaolin 30 g
• foam concentrate 50 ml
• corn starch 30 g
• glycerin 30 ml
• preservative 10 ml
• 30 ml empty pump bottle
• 100 ml empty pump bottle
• bamboo lip stick 5g

1 discovery kit of your choice containing:
• the oil corresponding to your choice 30 ml
• the hydrosol corresponding to your choice 30 ml
• preservative 10 ml
• emulsifier 15 g
• glycerin 10 ml
• 30 ml empty pump bottle
• organic cotton pouch

1 pink or green clay depending on your choice of box

and a spatula offered as a complement!

The ingredients are organic. Liquid ingredients are contained in reusable glass vials and solid ingredients are contained in kraft pouches.

Find all the information on the start page:

(Eco-participation of € 0.25 included, 2-year guarantee)
199.00 € 199.0 EUR

Avec ce coffret, réalisez une routine complète de cosmétiques maison. Il contient TOUS les ingrédients nécessaires pour fabriquer des produits pendant 3 mois !


75.00 € 75.0 EUR

Ce coffret Vos Essentiels contient tous les ingrédients et contenants pour réaliser tes produits maison de la salle de bain pendant 3 mois.

50.90 € 50.9 EUR

 Ce coffret permet de réaliser 4 recettes inédites : Masque Argile purifiant, Gel Crème anti-imperfections, Lotion purifiante matifiante, Pâte ciblée SOS anti-boutons.

49.90 € 49.9 EUR

Ce coffret permet de réaliser 3 recettes inédites : un Sérum antioxydant anti-âge, une Crème riche anti-âge et un Baume concentrée anti-âge nuit. 

39.90 € 39.9 EUR

Ideal for making 3 bottles of 250ml of homemade shampoo or shower gel.

  • Hydrolat d'hamamelis 200mL
  • Foaming concentrate 250mL
  • Lactic acid 10mL
  • Preservative 10mL
  • Sweet almond oil 30mL
24.90 € 24.9 EUR

15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Item available for pre-order, estimated delivery early October. Applications: purifying gel, purifying cream, purifying mask, purifying lotion, etc. Cosmetic properties: Purifying action & regulation of sebum, to improve skin appearance Antibacterial effect & stimulation of immune defenses Fights inflammation and irritation Controls hyperkeratinisation Limits sebum & skin reactivity Production of active: mixture obtained by the acylation of glycine using the capryloyl chain and is combined with a cinnamon extract. Quality: objectified by efficiency tests, 100% plant-based, certified organic and sourced in France. INCI designation: Water, Capryloyl Glycine, Sarcosine, Hexyleneglycol, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract Organoleptic properties: Appearance: liquid Colour: brown-red Solubility: miscible in water Odour: characteristics Density at 20°C: 1,130 – 1,180 pH at 20° C: 4.0 - 5.5 Recommended use: 1 to % Incorporate during the cooling phase below 40°C Protect from temperatures above 25°C.
6.90 € 6.9 EUR

A local substitute for aloe vera, it is recognized for its moisturizing properties . It also brings softness and shine to the hair.

6.00 € 6.0 EUR

Our organic hydrosol, distilled in France, comes from flowers from Morocco, Tunisia and France. It will help tone and refresh the skin.

3.60 € 6.21 EUR 4.00 €

Our 100% vegetable and organic glycerin will have several functions including hair conditioner or maintain the good condition of the skin.

3.00 € 3.0 EUR

2.00 € 2.0 EUR