Sweet almond oil

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  • Quality: Organic
  • From: Europe

Cette huile d’amande douce apporte confort et hydratation aux peaux sensibles en particulier.

   Possible products: cream, balm, conditioner, mask...

This sweet almond oil rich in oleic acid (65 to 85%) and vitamin E, stable to oxidation, has a soft touch and emollience compatible with all care and massage products. It penetrates quickly into the skin and brings comfort and hydration to sensitive or dull skin.

Applications: Very popular for the care of sensitive and dehydrated skin and for all skin types.

Cosmetic properties: This oil is * emollient, moisturizing and anti-oxidant. (can be used alone)

* Emollient: Substance which has the particularity of relaxing, softening and calming inflammation of the skin. Emollient creams are recommended for nourishing and caring for dry or atopic skin.

Oil production: In a worm screw press, the healthy and cleaned seeds are pressed in cold first pressing, without the intervention of solvents or chemicals. Then the oil is filtered through blotting paper. The oil is then stored away from light, air and heat. It does not contain any additives.

Quality: 100% organic oil without perfume or synthetic coloring.

The 30mL bottles are from the BeautyMix brand with a bamboo stopper. The 50mL bottles are from the Emma Noël brand equipped with a pump. All the bottles are reusable glass for your preparations.

INCI designation: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: limpid oily liquid (the oil may crystallize, become cloudy below 10 ° C this does not affect its quality, it is due to its natural fatty acid composition.)
Yellow color
Odor: Characteristic of sweet almond oil
Density at 20 ° C: 0.911 - 0.917

Store away from light and heat.

INCI name: prunus amygdalus dulcis oil

Score YUKA 100 / 100

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