Recipe: Multi-purpose cleaner

A cleaner recipe for all surfaces!

Ingredient list
Recipient: Small tank (250mL)
Choose the desired quantity : mL
150.0 g
75.0 g

Containers to use:
1 x Flacon alu (250 mL)
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90 days

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The multi-purpose cleaner is concentrated in black soap and allows you to clean and degrease all surfaces! Follow this natural, simple and minimalist all-purpose cleaner recipe.

Very quick to prepare, you can spray it with a spray or apply it on a sponge.


Spray on the surface to be cleaned and rub with a sponge.

Precautions before starting

Before starting, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the work surface and the utensils: the prepared products will go on your skin, and we want to avoid any microbial contamination!

Thoroughly clean the BeautyMix. Then, soak a clean cloth in 70 ° alcohol (available in supermarkets) and use it to disinfect the BeautyMix bowl and all the utensils. Let dry.

Clean the worktop and remove any objects that might get in the way.

Place a clean paper towel on the worktop, and place the utensils on it. You will need a clean teaspoon or spatula, and a clean, dry container for pouring in when ready. Wash hands thoroughly.

Respect the dosages indicated for the ingredients of the recipe.
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Place the mixer in the BeautyMix tank, and place the tank on the scale.
Perform the tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Weigh the water.
150.0 g
Perform the tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Weigh the liquid black soap.
75.0 g
Perform the tare (zero) by pressing the T key. Weigh the household baking soda.
25.0 g
Place the tank on the BeautyMix, and press the button once to start the purple program.
At the end of the program, launch the blue program by pressing twice to cool the mixture.
Pour your cleanser into a spray bottle.
Et voilà !