Who are we ?

Discover the BeautyMix team

Who are we ?

BeautyMix is a young family start-up founded by Nelly and her brother Mathieu. Their goal: to initiate and support consumption that is more respectful of oneself, others and the planet thanks to homemade products.

Do it yourself, for less waste, more transparency, more responsibility.

To achieve this goal, starting with bathroom products, they have designed a complete solution that makes home cosmetics super easy, fast and secure:  BeautyMix .

What is it?

BeautyMix is the complete solution (ingredients + recipes + robot) that makes home cosmetics accessible to everyone!

Thanks to BeautyMix, everyone will be able to manufacture their own care, hygiene, makeup and maintenance products at home from natural ingredients. From beginners to advanced, everyone will find pleasure in creating their own cosmetics with the BeautyMix.

The range of products achievable with the BeautyMix is endless, from moisturizing cream to lipstick, including shampoo. Each product can be completely customized to meet your needs. So let your imagination run wild (with the help of our tips for beginners)!

And for those who are wondering where and how to find the ingredients needed to make their products, we also provide high quality ingredient boxes.


Open the BeautyMix app to discover your new beauty and care universe.

Step 1: What do you need? ot

Perform your diagnosis to better understand what your skin needs. We then recommend the ingredients adapted to YOUR needs (and deliver them to you).

No frills, all of our ingredients are multi-use so you can create all your products with just the minimum necessary!

No mess, all of our containers are reusable glass for life.

Step 2: Personalize your recipes

Adapt the scents and textures to your tastes, and the active ingredients to your needs.

All your products are available on the app, from shampoo to makeup to skin care creams!

Etape 3: Relax !

Mix your ingredients directly for the simplest care.

Hit Start and let our robot do all the work for more complex recipes! In a few minutes your treatment is ready, in the right quantity desired!

Our engagements

Our entrepreneurial approach is aligned with our objectives: respectful of health, people and the planet!

In the choice of our ingredients, we are extremely demanding on the following points:

- high quality, natural products from organic farming

- an origin as local as possible, and in a short circuit - direct from the producer

- eco-responsible packaging, limiting plastic, and reusable

In choosing our partners, we are committed to participating in a sustainable society:

- by choosing local, responsible partners on a human scale, and registered within our ecosystem

- by actively participating in the work integration of adults with disabilities, thanks to our two ESAT partners.

They support us

We thank all those who have already trusted us, and in particular our supports below!

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