The events that marked the year 2019!

2019 was for us a year marked by many turning points and many adventures that we shared with you throughout it!

After having spent the year 2018 working in the shadows, it is in 2019 that our project was born: that of a innovative robot allowing you to finally make your homemade cosmetics in a healthy, fun, fast, ecological and economical way! A job that has borne fruit since this year ends wonderfully and this in part thanks to you! 

So here is a little retrospective of this year 2019 ....

A year that starts strong ...

In January, Nelly and Myriam flew to Las Vegas as part of the THOSE, a major trade fair for technological innovation and consumer electronics . BeautyMix was one of the 160 French Tech Starts-Ups present at the show to present the robot project! Seducing the public and the press, this event marks the beginning of a great adventure!

The following month marks the launch and online publication of the robot, its ingredients and the first recipes on the website ! This is when our first customers were able to acquire the BeautyMix.

Everything went very quickly and it was in April 2019 that the BeautyMix was marketed for the first time in stores. These are Baker the first to trust us and welcome our little robot to its shelves!

It is also in April that the team is joined by Ludivine, formulator of our recipes!

It is thanks to her that we always offer you more beautiful receipts essential cosmetics for your bathroom! 

In May 2019, it is Nature et Découvertes' turn to open their doors to us.

The month of May also illustrated our participation in the Vivatech Paris, the unmissable event for Starts-Ups. During it, we were able to present our innovative concept, learn about other surrounding projects and collect potential partnerships!

Texte Odoo et bloc d'image

June 2019, we are on television on M6 in the program "My invention is worth the gold" where the jury congratulated us on our beautiful project. We were proud and grateful to appear among other great inventions and to make ourselves known to you even more! 

In July, we moved to Station F , a huge, friendly Starts-Ups campus where cute get-togethers take place every day. Within the Beauty Tech Atelier de l'Oréal accelerator, we thrive on working with the whole small BeautyMix team!

Odoo CMS - a great photo

It is also the beginning of partnerships with our partner workshops throughout France. These allow you to discover the BeautyMix in a friendly setting. A big thank you to them!

You can also find the list of all our workshops at the bottom of the home page of our site! 

In September , Sophie joins the team. There are now five of us in this great adventure!

In October , and after a preview period of our BeautyMix Addicts on our group Facebook bearing the same name, we are launching the "Make-up" range with our lipstick !

We have formulated seven shades of lipsticks in pink, orange and red tones!

In November , Cultura receives our robot, which quickly finds its place within this brand specializing in creative and cultural leisure activities!


Texte Odoo et bloc d'image

And that ends wonderfully well!

Odoo image et bloc de texte

To end the month of November , we participated in the Salon Creations & Know-How. This show was an opportunity for us to meet thousands of Do It Yourself and home cosmetics fans! Many discussions, demonstrations and smiles were there. This show was a real success for us because at the end of it, our stand was empty! So thank you again for everything :) 

December was by far the most eventful for us: we went on M6 in the program "66 minutes" as part of the Salon Créations & Savoir-Faire.

We opened our ephemeral store in Chartres , a unique experience during which we were able to exhibit our robot in our own store! a blog post deals with this topic.

Finally, the holiday season is in full swing because you have DEVALATED us!

All of our products on our website have been out of stock!

So we especially wanted to thank you for this crazy year !

It is thanks to you that little by little we have the chance to discover home cosmetics, to share it more and more and to see that a new mode of consumption pleases and may one day be able to convince the majority of consumers. people !

So see you in 2020 for new projects , new creations and more and more shares ! Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks: Instagram, facebook and twitter

We wish you happy holidays!

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