Take part in a BeautyMix workshop

Come make your cosmetics during a discovery workshop!

BeautyMix, what is it?

Do you know our concept or maybe not yet? BeautyMix in a few words, what is it?

It is a complete solution for creating very easily and safely, care and hygiene products based oningredients natural and organic.
Creams, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, mask, scrub ... Using the robot, DIY cosmetics has never been so easy!
To introduce our innovative robot, we have set up workshops during which you take back control of your beauty!

Who are the workshops for and when are they?

For all those who do not yet know our ingenious robot and who would like to discover it in order to test some recipes. For people who know us and would like to know more before launching themselves or even finally for those who are already followers but who would like to share a friendly moment with us and other BeautyMix Addicts! 

Discover on our website in the Workshops section all the discovery workshops around the BeautyMix where together we will carry out a lip balm and an cream... With which you will leave, of course!

Please note, places are limited for each session! This reduced committee allows us to share this moment in a more intimate setting and to be able to respond more precisely to each of your requests :)


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How to reserve your place for one of our workshops?

 Go to the Workshops page of our website to find home cosmetics workshops organized throughout France, and register.

We are expecting many of you during this great moment!

For more information, you can write us an email at contact@beautymix.fr.

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