Sephora Accelerate and X-Up: double acceleration for BeautyMix

It's official! This April 16, BeautyMix joins the 7th promotion of X-Up, the start-up accelerator of the Ecole Polytechnique.

And Sephora Accelerate is an irreplaceable support for the marketing and commercialization aspects, X-Up is a real boost for the technological aspects of the project.

A High Tech universe at the service of start-ups

At X-Up, we are integrating a new workspace on the Saclay plateau, at the heart of the Ile-de-France High Tech ecosystem. We thus have access to the technological and scientific means available to accelerated start-ups. This includes in particular the extremely well-equipped prototyping space, and the proximity of the 22 laboratories of the X. So many promising assets for the development of high-tech start-ups!

Our goal for this six-month acceleration program is to develop a technically perfect product, and to incorporate all the benefits that the latest developments in artificial intelligence and big data can bring.

L’univers X-Up

In nearly three years, 35 start-ups have been accelerated by X-Up. These are 250 projects (students, intraprenariaux, excubés…) which are tied and / or developed in the premises. It is a network of more than 450 entrepreneurs who have united around X-Up. Access to X-Up is also an open door to a network of renowned investors, privileged relationships with the network and ecosystem of the X, and meeting with entrepreneurs and international experts.

Now at work, for 6 months of technological innovation with the Ecole Polytechnique!

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