BeautyMix workshops all over France!

Did you get started in the home-made with BeautyMix ? Not yet ? Yes, but an apprehension persists? Yes, and you appreciate it so much that you would like to share a moment around this activity?

For all these reasons and to respond to all situations, we have a solution: participate in a BeautyMix workshop ! Because we know that some of you want to get started with homemade cooking but don't know how to get started. We also know that others have heard of our robot but wish to test it before getting it ...

The BeautyMix workshops are therefore the perfect opportunity to test and discover the robot during a friendly and fun workshop! 

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How are our workshops going?

For one to two hours, you can take control of the robot and make your own cosmetic products, while being accompanied by one of our ambassadors. Because yes, we have great motivated ambassadors, who throughout France, regularly offer home cosmetics workshops with our robot! 

Depending on the BeautyMix ambassador and the city in which the workshop is taking place, the program may vary slightly. However, most of the content remains the same. Thus, you will be able to:

  • Discover the robot BeautyMix and its features

  • Discover our forty recipes on our website or mobile application

  • Get acquainted with ingredients natural products offered by our brand and our ambassadors. Some choose to use their own ingredients!

  • Choose one or two recipes to make. Often it is a face cream and our essential lip balm

Step by step through the chosen recipes. You will leave with the products you have just prepared so that you can test it and use it at home. You can even get the robot on site !

Practicing this activity allows you to test our concept and enter our home-made universe. These workshops are suitable for beginners as well as experts and are suitable for all ages.

This allows a safe grip and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you want. Our ambassadors will be happy to answer them. There is obviously no obligation to purchase. You can come alone or with friends.

Who are our ambassadors?

We are fortunate to have our group of ambassadors , more than ever won over and motivated by the world of BeautyMix. Some have even embarked on the realization of workshops in their city in order to share and make discover the robot around them.

It is therefore with them that you will be able to spend an unforgettable moment! All registration dates and possibilities are on our website:

You can also contact an ambassador from your city directly and ask her for the information you need!

So, are you going to test a workshop?

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