BeautyMix rejoint Sephora Accelerate!

On this day of March 8, Sephora celebrates women in their own way: by encouraging daring women in their entrepreneurial adventure.

Sephora Accelerate, it is a program created in 2016 and which has already supported 20 business creators in the launch of their product.

First only American, the program has been extended this year to Europe and Asia… and BeautyMix has been selected to be part of it!

Accelerate is a week at Sephora in San Francisco in April with 12 other women entrepreneurs: to discuss our struggles, our ideas, our dreams and create solutions. It's also a year of mentoring by Marta, manager at Sephora, full of energy and already full of advice for me.

A superb opportunity to meet new people, learn a lot, and improve again and again the BeautyMix offer for the greatest pleasure of our future users!

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