Your homemade routine!

Suitable for normal skin.

In this article, we'll give you the right routine for your “normal” skin. You might think that “normal” skin that is not prone to particular problems does not require a complete skincare routine. Quite the contrary! An adapted routine allows you to maintain your good condition, but also to prevent small imperfections, dehydration, fine lines , etc.

This routine is to be carried out in three stages : in the morning upon waking up, in the evening and finally, a routine to be set up once a week. 

To you the skin at the top of its form!

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My morning routine!

  • Micellar water enriched in orange blossom hydrosol : apply the micellar water using our makeup remover wipes reusable in order to effectively eliminate the impurities accumulated during the night. We advise you to personalize your micellar water with orange blossom hydrosol, very popular in the morning because it will tone and refresh the skin, which gives pep in the morning for those who have trouble waking up ! 

  • Oleogel serum enriched in gel de lin and antioxidant vegetable oils : the recipe contains a hydrating active ingredient, linseed gel, which brings softness, suppleness and a tightening effect to your skin. It is also composed of an oily macerate of carrot which allows to refine the skin texture, to give a healthy glow but also to regenerate and soften the skin. Finally, we find thenuts oil which is very rich in oleic acid and vitamin E which prevents the formation of free radicals responsible for skin aging. In addition, it is a dry oil that quickly penetrates the skin.

  • Normal skin cream: after applying the oleogel serum, we advise you to use the normal skin cream which serves as a day cream! It containssweet almond oil which nourishes, regenerates and softens the skin. Use the active linseed gel in the recipe so that your skin is hydrated, supple during the day! As with micellar water, we recommend that you use orange blossom hydrosol which enhances the scent of your cream and will have a toning and refreshing effect.

My evening routine!

After a day, removing make-up and cleaning your skin are essential to have luminous and healthy skin.

  • Two-phase make-up remover enriched in orange blossom hydrosol : it allows you to remove make-up and gently eliminate impurities. Apply it all over your face using our reusable makeup remover wipes. Just like micellar water for the morning, orange blossom hydrosol will be very well suited for your skin to refresh and tone it. We also recommend in this recipe to use sweet almond oil.

  • Cleaning gel enriched with orange blossom hydrosol: it allows to finish the deep cleansing.

  • Oleogel serum enriched with linseed gel and antioxidant vegetable oils: after this cleansing, the same serum as that used in the morning should be applied!

  • Rich cream : while sleeping, your skin regenerates and to "facilitate" its work, we advise you to use a cream more concentrated in vegetable oil. This will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. Just like the day cream, use sweet almond oil which nourishes, regenerates and softens the skin. You can use theanti-aging active to prevent signs of aging as well as hydrate your skin.

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And once a week?

The realization of a scrub followed by mask are essential and inseparable! Indeed, the exfoliation will eliminate residues and dead skin on your face and allow a deep action of the mask that follows.

  • Scrub with apricot kernel powder: it is to be applied all over the face, cleansed and moistened, avoiding the eye area. Massage lightly in a circular motion to make the grains work well. Rinse your scrub with clean water.

  • Thirst-quenching jelly mask : apply this mask in a thick layer all over the face and neck. We advise you to personalize this mask with orange blossom hydrosol. Let sit for 5 minutes. Remove the excess with a reusable cotton pad. Take advantage of the gel texture of this mask to massage and relax your skin. Make circular movements on the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. 

  • You can then put your cream day or night depending on when you perform this routine.

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