Earth Day, why is it so important to us?

This Wednesday April 22 took place "Earth Day". For fifty years now, the world has come together to celebrate this beautiful day. Friends of the environment, we are meeting more than ever to preserve our planet and raise awareness of the actions to be taken in favor of ecology .

The special conditions in which we are living on April 22 make us more aware of the current climate change and the risk of this epidemic not only on health, the economy but also on biodiversity. If you are looking for occupations during this confinement at the initiative of the planet or would like to make new resolutions, we give you a list of various actions to be taken, and how BeautyMix manages its positive action on the environment.

What is Earth Day?

Every year, this day is held to remind us of the challenges facing our planet and how precious our ecosystems are. During this, many actions are carried out to allow the population to better understand our biodiversity, know the actions to be implemented to protect it, take into consideration their impact on the whole of our flora and fauna and encourage a more sustainable economy. The goal, among other things, is to encourage the purchase of more eco-responsible products, reduce waste , encourage recycling and upcycling ...

During this day and the following days, you can engage remotely on the site Earth day, and why not go through the chain National Geographic.

More than 130 countries participate in this movement and hundreds of millions of people mobilize each year. It is a world story that everyone takes to heart, and we are the first!

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How BeautyMix is committed to being ecological?

This is one of the terms that we particularly highlight when we meet you or when we discuss things around us: BeautyMix is a more ecological solution.

Yes, but how ? First of all, because making your own cosmetics means less waste . Because if we only manufacture the products that are essential to us and in the desired quantity, then we better manage our consumption and the stock of our products. In other words, we consume less and that, the planet thanks us. We do live in a world where the production of products is carried out in the assembly line, in too large quantities and where our cupboards are bursting with products that we do not always need. BeautyMix helps you better manage this aspect of consumption. By the way, our blog post "A moment to sort it out ! "highlights this way of life.

BeautyMix also invites you to consume better . And this is possible because we offer receipts with little'ingredients and above all sourced as locally as possible. That is to say that we favor circuits-courts and quality suppliers. Our ingredients are natural , sometimes organic, and our recipes are chemical-free and harmful, for your well-being and the planet.

If you know us, you know that the particularity of our containers is that they are all made of glass, reusable or recyclable . We are anti-plastic , and have been since our launch! We also want to develop a deposit where you can return your empty glass containers to us so that we can reuse them.

You could see it if you are readers of our blog posts : we strongly encourage recycling and upcycling . In our articles and on our social networks, we always give you lots of tips to reuse and give a second life to products ... So do not hesitate to take a look at our previous articles, in particular "Upcycling of BeautyMix products!". This one includes lots of quick and easy tips if you want to know how to make your soap dish with our caps, how to use our glass containers as a vase .... We are also big fans of natural tricks. Last time, we offered you a tutorial to make your own daisy oil and you loved it!

Outside of our work, we continue to make every effort to be in alignment with our values. Thus, we encourage those around us to sort their waste, turn off the lights ("it's not Versailles here!"), Promote public transport, use water bottles instead of water bottles ...

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To conclude, this day is an opportunity to come face to face with the land, to take stock of your situation and create new goals to improve your consumption and daily lifestyle. And we hope joining our community helps you bring more sustainable solutions to your lifestyle!

And you, what are you doing for the planet?


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