DIY ideas for children: create colorful candles!


For this new article, we give you the idea of a recipe for personalized candle and colorful to make with your children. A recipe for secure creative leisure for a moment of sharing and creativity that is sure to please! So, ready to create your own candles?
Odoo - Sample n ° 1 for three columns

To start, prepare your table with all your equipment and accessories! To make colorful candles, you will need:

  • Soy wax.

  • Essential oils for candles. These are optional, only if you want to add a specific scent.

  • Three bold chalks in the colors of your choice.

  • Glass jars.

  • Drill bits.

You can find all these ingredients and accessories in our candle kit. All you need to do is get the chalk, aside.

Odoo- Sample n ° 2 for three columns


Let's get started!

  • The first step is to put 30 grams of soy wax in your tank.

  • Then launch the red program of your BeautyMix.

  • When the wax is well melted, pour it into a glass jar in which you will have put a wick in its center.

Odoo- Sample n ° 3 for three columns


For the rest! 

  • Weigh again 30 grams of wax.

  • This time, also add the first shavings of the chalk of the color of your choice.

  • Start the red program again.

  • Once the preparation has melted, pour its contents into the same glass jar.

  • Repeat this two more times with the other two colors and always 30 grams of wax.

Odoo - Sample n ° 1 for three columns


the BeautyMix is on its way to these last stages ...

A little patience, just a few more seconds and the candle is ready!

Odoo- Sample n ° 2 for three columns


The result !

Odoo- Sample n ° 3 for three columns

A beautiful personalized and colorful candle , prepared in a few minutes and guided step by step with our recipe !

To find all the details of the recipe to make a colored candle, it's just here.

Do not hesitate to share your creations with us on social networks by tagging us! We will be delighted to discover the creations of your children!

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