With BeautyMix, make the face cream you want!

One of the reasons why you hesitate to get started in homemade skincare is perhaps the idea that the products made will not correspond to your skin type ... Think again!

Homemade cosmetics may rhyme with simplicity, however it is possible to explore the range of possibilities and to carry out as many variations of care as you wish according to your needs . There are different texture agents making it possible to create a more or less fluid, creamy or thick face cream. We told you about it in theblog post on this subject. But there are also various active allowing you to respond to specific issues that you have.

Let's see together the possibilities available to you and the different face creams that you can make with your BeautyMix.

The "normal" cream

Our face cream recipe aims to provide the balance your skin needs. Thanks to its formula and ingredients which composes it, it brings a slight hydration . It is therefore ideal for skin that has no problems or major demands. It penetrates quickly into the skin thanks to its creamy texture providing a soft touch to your skin.

For its preparation, only seven ingredients are sufficient. What makes it suitable for normal skin is thevegetable oil used as well asactive that you have the choice or not to incorporate into your recipe.

Find this recipe just here.

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The "light" cream

This is perfectly suited for combination to oily skin . It offers lightness to the skin, while hydrating and regulating it . Thanks to that texture pleasant and creamy, it penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy or thick film on the skin.

To make it you will also need seven ingredients which vary according to the type of skin. Indeed, in this formula the vegetal oils recommended are those of jojoba or from hazelnut. These are favored to meet the needs of your skin. In addition, it is essential to use themattifying active so that your skin does not shine during the day.

To make this recipe, you can just click to be.

The "rich" cream

With this rich cream recipe, take advantage of the nourishing properties to revitalize and regenerate your skin in depth. This is particularly recommended for dry or even very dry skin that is lacking in fat.

Thanks to its formula, it nourishes and softens your skin. Rest assured, it does not leave a greasy film on your skin but is necessarily thicker than normal or light cream. 

Again, seven ingredients make up this cream. Here, the essential ingredients are vegetable oil which can be that ofAlmond, from jojoba or from hazelnut.

The ideal texture agent is that of smooth cream, giving it a texture perfectly suited to your skin type.

You can also add theanti-aging active for dry and mature skin .

This recipe is just linked here.

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