How does my solid makeup remover work?

Among the recipes for solid products that we offered you during our Ulule campaign, one that we love is that of make-up remover!

You must surely ask yourself a thousand questions about this one: what are the ingredients? How to use it ? Does it remove makeup well? How to keep it? Why favor this texture over more frequently used milk or gel?

In this FAQ dedicated to our solid makeup remover, we answer all your questions!

What is it made of? 

Our solid makeup remover is made with just six ingredients. They are all natural! We detail all this:

Cocoa butter : it softens and softens the skin, keeps it in good condition and also plays a role of consistency factor.

Sweet almond oil : ideal for sensitive skin, it is also softening, non-comedogenic, restorative and softening.

BeautyMix fluid cream emulsifier : it has moisturizing properties, non-irritating and helps reduce the greasy feeling during use.

Corn starch : it improves the touch, it gives a soft and silky touch. Non-greasy, it is absorbent and mattifying. 

And a new one! We present it to you?

Soft foaming flake : it is a very mild detergent surfactant. It gently removes impurities and makeup. Ideal for. solid products.

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How should I use it?

Nothing complicated, we assure you! It's not necessarily a usual gesture for everyone but we quickly take control of this gesture :)

Before applying our solid make-up remover to your face, and like any product, you must test your skin's tolerance by applying a small amount in the crease of your elbow. Wait 24 hours to confirm no reaction, then you can use your product normally.

Here are the steps:

1. Wet your face and the solid makeup remover under warm water,

2. Pass the make-up remover over the entire face. A milk will form,

3. Apply your solid makeup remover then work the milk with circular movements until all of your makeup is removed,

4. Rinse your face thoroughly with clear water.

How is it stored?

Keep your solid makeup remover away from water and on a soap dish.

Why use this product?

The skin is a sensitive organ that must be taken care of! During the day, it is subject to various external aggressions:  

  • Makeup
  • Pollution
  • Masque
  • The sun
  • La fatigue

All of this creates discomfort for our skin and good make-up removal eliminates these accumulated impurities during the day. We also need to be aware of our biological clock.

During the day, the skin is on "standby" and when we sleep, our skin "works" and begins to renew its cells internally. Outside, it's up to us! Because it is not advisable to leave it with all these impurities accumulated during the day and which could result in asphyxiation of the skin. This results in the appearance of pimples, dryness, comedones, loss of eyelashes, etc.

Make-up removal will allow the skin to "breathe" and thus its internal work will be better! In order not to attack the skin, it is necessary to remove make-up gently, respecting your skin with natural, healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. 

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