The real cost of cosmetics

We meet for a new episode “Beauty Fact Check”! And today we want to discuss with you an important subject: the price of cosmetics. You might be a fan of “if it's expensive, it's good quality”. But as you know, at BeautyMix, transparency takes precedence and we want to prove to you that this sentence is not necessarily true! So we went snooping around on the prices of cosmetics and what is behind it ...

So let's talk about the costs, the ones that make your cosmetics so expensive!

The cost of manufacturing cosmetics

Did you know that some inexpensive products can be made in the same factories as luxury products? So why pay 60 euros for your cream if the manufacturer is the same?

So, of course, luxury brands rely on more expensive active ingredients and ingredients which can multiply the manufacturing cost by 2 or 4, but this manufacturing cost remains very low compared to the final selling price.

And the packaging? Indeed, the more expensive brands will deliberately bet on packaging with noble materials, with an elegant and attractive design, but once again, the manufacturing cost of the latter is not enough to justify the sometimes high selling prices.

Development and distribution costs

We must also add the cost of quality tests or even Research & Development which, due to the very strict European regulations, can be long and expensive!

What about the rest? These are the costs of distribution, transport, samples, testers and finally the margin that the company will make on the sale of its product ...

The cost of the image

You guessed it, we're going to talk about communication here! And yes, in this ultra- competitive world, the big brands are betting a lot on advertising and on the faces of the stars and influencers who will represent them. Their budget can represent around 20% of the selling price.

A big brand spends on average 2 million euros per year on its muses… But if we think about it, do we really need that to justify the purchase of our cosmetics?

Why let these costs take precedence over the real necessities of your products?

Why is homemade cosmetics a good alternative?

Thanks to BeautyMix, you quickly manufacture your organic and quality products at the House. You know the composition and you are the producer. So you don't pay: manufacturing, development, distribution and associated communication.You only pay the ingredients and the active cosmetics. The material and packaging are infinitely reusable! If so, I promise you!

An investment that pays off quickly, allowing you to have cosmetics that meet your expectations, at the right price!
And this table speaks for itself:

Their cost with BeautyMix
Lip balm (5g)
0,58 €
Anti-aging cream (30 mL)
Micellar water (100 mL)
Organic deodorant (50g)
Odoo CMS - a great photo

And you, what real value do you attribute to your beauty products? Do you think that a more expensive product is necessarily more effective? You decide !

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

See you soon.

La team BeautyMix

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