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It's not always easy to sort through all the products available on the market! Let's take a look at the products on the market here and together and let us help you get to know the ones we favor at BeautyMix!

BeautyFact | 25 June 2020

Soothe your mosquito bites with essential oils!

Gebhard Sophie

BeautyFact | 6 May 2020

What are the keys to a successful natural transition?

Gebhard Sophie

BeautyFact | 22 January 2020

What if we changed the way we consume?

Gebhard Sophie

BeautyFact | 12 November 2019

Reading a list of ingredients, a complicated exercise?

Gebhard Sophie

BeautyFact | 23 September 2019

The real cost of cosmetics

Pitt Nelly

BeautyFact | 8 May 2019

Everything, you will know everything about deodorants!


BeautyFact | 31 July 2018

Helena Rubinstein – la naissance du Marketing de la cosmétique