Lactic acid

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    • From: France
    • Volume: 10 mL

    Extract from Cosmos certified beets, origin France, with multiple functions thanks to its very good affinity with the skin and hair. In addition to adjusting the pH of cosmetics, it gently exfoliates without attacking sensitive skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes good skin hydration . It is also known to restore shine to hair.

          Possible products: shampoo, mask, conditioner...

    Lactic acid makes it possible to adjust the *pH, to maintain the water content of the care product and It has a very good affinity with the skin and the hair. Indeed, it has a keratolytic (exfoliating) action and improves skin hydration. Regarding the hair, it helps to tighten the scales and give them shine. Its liquid form, packaged in a dropper bottle, allows precise and safe use. *pH: the pH (potential hydrogen) makes it possible to determine the acid, neutral or basic character of an aqueous phase. The pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14: - 1 to 7 acidic pH - 7 neutral pH - 7 to 14 basic pH Note: Our skin itself has a pH which differs according to the areas of the skin. This is why the pH of a cosmetic product must correspond to the pH of the area of application so as not to modify and denature the skin. The pH values according to different products: - Cream: 4.0 to 6.0 (dry skin will tend to have a more acidic pH than oily skin) - Shower gel: 5.0 to 7 - Shampoo: 4.5 to 6.0 - Hair care (mask, conditioner) shampoo…): 4.0 to 5.5 Applications: It is used as an acidifier to reduce the pH of recipes. Very popular for hair care such as shampoos, masks and conditioners. Also used for scrubs due to its exfoliating action. Cosmetic properties: lactic acid is an acidifier, activates the *conditioning effect of emulsifiers, it is moisturizing, exfoliating, promotes the elimination of dandruff and gives shine to the hair. *Conditioner: helps detangle, beautify and smooth the hair fiber. Production of lactic acid: It is obtained by fermentation of beet sugar. Quality: 100% of vegetable origin, it is very concentrated: around 90% lactic acid and 10% water. INCI designation: Lactic acid Organoleptic properties: Appearance: clear liquid Colour: Colorless (perhaps sometimes slightly yellow) Solubility: Miscible in water Odour: Acidic Density at 20°C: 1.20 – 1.21 pH: < 1 ,2 to 25°C Precautions: - Respect the dosages of incorporation of the recipes. - Keep out of reach of children. - Do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes. - It is irritating in its pure state. Never use pure on the skin. - Wearing gloves and protective goggles strongly recommended for handling. Consult the detailed safety notice below:

    From: France
    Volume: 10 mL

    INCI name: lactic acid

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